The influence of advertising

Advertising and media in general play a big part in carrying a meaning towards consumerism.  Brands use advertising as a tool to interact with us on a daily basis whether we are walking around the city or reading magazines. It is quite impossible to miss the advertisements when waiting for the tube or scrolling through social media. I will be exploring how they do it and what is the effect of it on consumers.



Advertising agencies often use rebellious gestures in their ads to communicate brand values to their customers. By doing that, they create value in their products and consumers. Nike is extremely famous for creating revolutionary ads by promoting feminism and other cultures and movements. In the Nike Women ads, Nike created a series of ads on women’s bodies which promote feminism. These ads were specifically targeted at women to promote body positivity and Nike as a brand that connects lifestyle with their products. By communicating the brand’s values to the audience and selling the brand as a lifestyle, Nike proves its positive influence of consumers.


Advertisement industry is changing a lot nowadays. Social Media has given a push to a new wave of ‘advertisers’ aka influencers who collaborate with brands and advertise the brands on their personal social media accounts such as Instagram. The more followers an influencer has the wider audience they are going to reach, so brands specifically target influencers with more followers and as a result, the influencer gets a commission and brands reach more people through trustworthy people.


In conclusion, advertisements communicate to us everywhere and although the industry is changing, the purpose of it remains the same – to inform or sell us a product or a service either with a printout ad or digital. Brands gain customer loyalty when advertising their values.





‘Nike Women’ | Weiden + Kennedy | Nike | 2014


Instagram picture available at :

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